Simulation Craft Guide

Ziri a posted Jul 8, 17

Guide by Zahel

Sim Yo Self

First things first

Download the latest version of Simcraft, as well as the companion addon for WoW.

Always keep this updated as hotfixes and changes to trinket(s), talents, etc can be adjusted.

Overview of Options

Here you can adjust the basic settings for your sims. Generally speaking, set your target error to 0.05%. You will also want to set your iterations to at least 10000. This is enough for scaling factors to be applied. If iterations is locked and set below 10000, reset your target error to N/A, and it will unlock so that you may adjust.

Settings 1

Next, head to scaling and enable it. You will want to toggle all stats that are relevant to the character you will be simming. This will increase the amount of time your sim takes, but also greatly increases the accuracy of information.

Example Sim

In this example sim, you can pull a wide array of relevant information from a few sections. My estimated sustained dps (@elite level of play), my APM or actions per minute. The pie chart shows estimations of how my damage would be divided up based on proc’s and abilities, and below that is the current Pawn string for my gearing.

A Note on Stat Weights and Pawn

Utilizing stat weights to analyze and evaluate gear, through the addon Pawn, can be an efficient way to get a snapshot of the value of new gear. The issue with stat weights is that they are constantly in flux. As soon as you equip a new item, or even as soon as you add any amount of a given stat, those weights can change. Thus, they should never be solely relied on as the go to method in evaluating gear, even when weights are updated via sims.

But How Do I Sim a Relic?  

Credit to Skasch Guide for Relic Simming

Simming a relic can be more problematic, as you cannot swap them easily. I will show below how to change your string to sim a specific relic.

Let's say you have the following main hand line in the simc string:


And you just dropped a Skovald's Resolve in Heroic, ilvl 835, and would like to sim it.

  • Find the relic on Wowhead, with correct ilevel in the item version menu:
  • This is an iron relic, which is the middle relic of the weapon.
  • You have to change two things: relic_id, which is the bonus id of the relic, and gem_id, which is the item id of the relic.
  • The item id can be find in the url, after item=: in this case, it's 136778. Same for bonus ids, which are after bonus=: in this case, it's 1487:1726.
  • Hence, the correct line to sim this relic is:



One last remark: if the relic you would like to sim does not have any bonus ids, just replace the relic specific bonus ids in the string by a 0, as follow: